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Minecraft Guides(aka the Unofficial Minecraft Guides) is a found-footage video series of Minecraft. They were discovered on an SD Card belonging to a red-and-black Nintendo 2DS. Despite looking like a poorly recorded video, however, the guides have a hidden storyline.


The video is, as the title states, a guide of Minecraft. However, there were some errors(for instance, one of the narrators refers to The End as The Nether by mistake). There have currently been three identified characters: Character 1 is a girl. She sounds young, probably seven. She apparently operates the camera, but has never been seen other than her hand. Character 2 is a boy. He is most likely a teen, 8th-grade level, depending on his voice. He sounds like the narrator of Puppet Pals 2. But that’s not confirmed. His face has been seen, but none of the Puppet Pals 2 characters resemble him, as they are cartoons. Finally, Character 3 is known as Grandma. She has not been seen in person or heard, because she is an offscreen character. The hidden story in these “guides” tells about how Character 2’s house was destroyed. However, after a seemingly final episode, the story is cut short. The guides have been confirmed to have been a recording of the PS3 Minecraft.


The pilot episode, aka End Portal, has them demonstrating how to use the End Portal. After that, we are introduced to something fenced up. Character 2 explains that his house exploded, after accidentally using a bed to try and sleep. The only remnants of the house are a partially intact wall, and a door, as well as a Nether fence. There is also a window. Character 2, while hitting an Enderman, explains that beds cannot be used in the End, as they explode. He then shows the audience “a bottomless pit that can kill you.” In the third episode, he explains how to exit The End while passing over his half-destroyed house, which is revealed to have red carpet. He goes to the Overworld, and we find out that he has a cave containing an End Portal. He then explains he built the Portal from obsidian, End Portal Frame, and the Eye of Ender. He throws the Eye of Ender, which floats upward. After reentering the End, the episode ends. We go to the fourth episode, where Character 2 is using an Enchanting Table. After opening a book, Character 1 explains that her camera isn’t very good. Meanwhile, Character 2 has finished enchanting a bow. He tries to enchant a boat, but it doesn’t work. After rejoicing over his new bow, however, he shoots an Enderman with it. He then shoots an arrow into the sky. He attempts to show the viewers how to enchant items, but the video feed cuts to the fifth part. He shows off his “lava fall,” a waterfall made of lava. After that, he starts to construct something out of planks. When Character 1 asks what he’s making, Character 2 says he’s “making a Minecraft,” leaving her confused. However, after a quick autosave, it’s revealed that he made a crude Minecraft logo out of planks, which is placed next to a railroad. It ends as he says he is “gonna show Grandma.” Finally, in the sixth and final episode, he shows off his “volcano”, an Obsidian Pillar with lava on it. After adding some water, he goes down to the remains of his house, which he blows up with a bed. The characters are both silent as the video ends, and it is revealed to be nineteen minutes and four seconds long.


  • It ended after 2018 for unknown reasons.

  • The SD Card containing the video, despite being formatted, still exists.

  • There are duplicates of the video available in Google Drive.

  • The characters’ names have been confirmed: Character 1 is named Rose(or Kaelen), and Character 2 is named Caleb(or Colby, as a nickname).

    • Caleb is believed to be the creator of Taylor, Caleb M Student, a YouTube channel that prefers to call themselves “Puppet Pals 2.”

  • Both of the characters have catchphrases: Rose’s is “That right there…” and Caleb’s is “As you guys can tell, [].”

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