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Bowling Video is a short video located in the AVI Files. As the name implies, it is a video of two people bowling.


The video was originally tinted in red for an unknown reason, but after editing it, the owner managed to restore it to its near-original color. It starts with the voice of Character 2, who is preparing a bowling show. As he sets up an electric bowling game, his brother narrates the game(the brother is named Wyatt). Character 2 then throws a bowling ball into the alley. When his turn is done, Wyatt says that it’s his turn, but Character 2 accidentally set it to single-player mode. Wyatt gets a little miffed, saying he “didn’t want single-player.” The video ends.


  • It is a parody of sports shows, such as Wii Sports TV.

  • Wyatt doesn’t have a codename, unlike the others.

    • Coincidentally, he is also the fourth character.

  • The video’s red color was caused by an error in the 2DS’s camera; when it is exposed to light for a prolonged time, it will temporarily be tinted in a color. However, there’s not enough light in the room for that to happen.

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