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Classes in marine engine repair are often offered through associate's degree, diploma, and certificate programs in maritime technology or marine service technology. Through the continuing education division of a college or university, they may also be provided as stand-alone courses. Due to its proximity to the engine, fuel, and electrical system, repair courses are frequently included in maritime technology programs for boats and other watercraft. Graduates of these kinds of schools may be able to find work possibilities with boat manufacturers, dealers, and garages.

Listed below are a few typical marine engine maintenance courses:

  • Engine types

  • Propulsion

  • Maritime innovations

  • Assembly techniques

  • Ignition mechanisms

  • Common Courses List


Course Overview for Marine Servicing and Rigging

Installation, repair, and maintenance training for various marine engine systems are covered in an introductory course on repairing marine watercraft. It also teaches students to utilize maintenance manuals for marine engines, electrical systems, fuel systems, and drive systems. This course is advised early in a marine technology curriculum for students to get familiar with all facets of maritime servicing and repairs.

  • Marine Engine Service and Repair Course Overview

Some programs divide their engine maintenance training into separate sections for maritime diesel and gasoline engines. Others provide a session covering all the tools and procedures for repairing engines. The mechanics of engines and the upkeep and maintenance of the systems they are connected to are usually the main topics of instruction. Propulsion, cooling, ignition, and fuel systems are covered, along with the distinctions between 2- and 4-cycle engines.

  • Course on Advanced Marine Engine Repair

Students who desire to pursue a degree in maritime technology are typically offered this course as a follow-up to basic marine engine maintenance training. Although it primarily focuses on engine maintenance, it also thoroughly analyses the engine ignition and fuel injection systems. Students can engage in practical learning through laboratory sessions included in courses.

  • Course on Marine Fuel Systems

The link between the engine and different fuel systems, such as carburetion and fuel and oil injection, is examined in this course. For students to practice installation and assembly techniques, it often incorporates lecture and laboratory components. Techniques for servicing and troubleshooting are also covered. More complicated fuel injection systems, such as throttle body, multiport, and direct-injected, are thoroughly examined in advanced courses.

  • Course on Marine Electrical Repair

The techniques and tools necessary to maintain the electrical systems connected to the marine engine and ignition systems are taught to students. Different circuit systems, wiring, and electrical testing equipment are covered in the topics. Advanced courses diagnose engine performance issues such as misfiring and poor acceleration.

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