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Test scores have become increasingly important in today's competitive academic and career markets. Candidate’s proficiency in Math, General Science, English, and Logical Reasoning are generally evaluated through these examinations. When competing with thousands of other candidates, it is essential to have a strong foundation and strike a mark in science, which is not to say that the other subjects are unimportant.

The Answer Is "General Science."

The broad field of science encompasses Physics, Biology, and Chemistry and their many foundational subfields. This section often discusses how the concepts presented in the first three parts may be implemented. Some of the essential branches of General Science are as follows:

  1. Usage and common medications

  2. Regularly used monikers for chemicals.

  3. Hypotheses and scientific rules

  4. The use of metric measurements

  5. Elements and Atoms

  6. Fundamental facts about the human body

  7. Tissues from animals and plants

  8. Viscosity and surface tension

  9. Gravitation

  10. Major advancements, etc.

Among the many broad scientific areas that students might explore, we recommend:

  1. When a person is asked, "What part of the human body generates white blood cells?" They are making a more precise reference to a body part.

  2. How many "chambers" does the heart have?

  3. Is there a limit to the number of kidney stone types a person may get?

  4. What makes plant cells different from animal cells?

  5. What do you think is the most significant part of the brain?

  6. Who first developed the Ayurveda approach to health care?

  7. What would happen if the nucleus of a cell were to be removed?

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