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How to hang kitchen cabinets on the wall? Self-installation of kitchen furniture is not as difficult a task as it might seem at first glance.

In order for the cabinet to hang securely, you must carefully prepare the wall and select the appropriate fasteners. Installation should be done without haste, following the instructions.

The wall should be flat. If necessary, it must be covered with putty, leveling with chipboard or drywall is also allowed.   

What should be the kitchen furniture

When planning the placement of cabinets in your kitchen, consider the following points:

Place the modules at a convenient distance from the floor line - this is necessary so that access to kitchen utensils is convenient for all households. 

Cabinets should not interfere with access to outlets, ventilation, and so on. 

Provide an extremely secure fit, as kitchen cabinets are always loaded to their limit. 

See the diagram below for the best way to determine the height of your headset.

Choosing the type of fastener

Unfortunately, it quite often happens that new furniture purchased in a store does not contain fixtures for fixing to the wall in the set, so now we will focus on the most common options.

Hangers and hinges are the fastener plates.


This method of fastening is very affordable, cheap and simple, but it should be noted that these plates are not designed for heavy loads.

Hanging corners are the same hinges, only bent at 90 degrees. Corners are more reliable than conventional hinges; moreover, the suspension can be adjusted if necessary. For heavy modules the use of 10 mm anchors is recommended.

A mounting plate, or a bus, is already furniture a more complex design. Consists of a strip of metal and a canopy on a plastic case, with a special hook for fastening to the rail.

The plank is attached to the wall with self-tapping screws or on dowels along horizontal markings. This type of fastener provides quick and easy installation, which even beginners can handle.

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