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Anyone who has heard of veganism, and especially vegans themselves, can vouch for the following:

  • People who are vegan get asked a lot of questions.

  • People who aren’t vegan have a lot of questions about veganism.

Being curious is cool. But the internet is full of contradictory, opaque, and inaccurate information, which means that often curiosity leads to a dead-end, or (worse) to a misconception.

Having fielded a lot of questions from curious people, I thought it would be helpful to compile this information into a wiki, organized by the kinds of questions I typically get asked. I hope you will find this resource helpful.

But if you don’t — please let me know how I can make it better! If a question is missing that you’re wondering about, or if there’s an awesome resource you think should be added, please drop me a line at

Thank you, and stay curious!

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