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The more feedback the R&D/product teams have, the faster the solutions are created. These feedback loops are critical to making sure the development time is spent on the most important things for the operations team.

To report on bugs, there are the 3 things you have to address:

  1. Share what the problem is

  2. Share how you got to this situation

  3. Share what the intended result is

1. What is the problem?

In a few words, explain what isn’t working. For example, “cannot save new phone numbers for users”.

2. How you got to this situation?

Share what were the steps you took before encountering the problem. For example “received a message from the user, opened their account, in the general tab clicked on edit and “add phone number”. Once I clicked on this, I received an error page saying…”.

3. What is the intended result?

What did you expect the feature to do? For example, “once I clicked on the edit button, I should be able to see the field of a phone number and save it”.

How to report a new bug?

Inside the admin system, you now have a new button (bottom right corner) called “Feedback”. Clicking on it will take a screenshot of your current view, and will allow you to add comments on the picture, alongside written comments which includes all three bullet points above.

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