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We have a “2-sided referral program” which gives both sides $25 credit. Existing Delegate users can refer their friends by sharing with them a unique link.

How an existing user refers a friend?

Currently, only through the app.

  1. Inside the settings page, every premium user sees an item of “Invite a friend” (will be updated to “Get $25 credit” by June 27th).

  2. Clicking on this opens the native share feature. The user can decide how to share the link with their friend (SMS, email, Whatsapp), and update the text before sending.

    1. The message includes a unique shortened link to the referral page (with a UTM code).

  3. Once the friend subscribes to the Premium plan, the user receives an automated email (by June 21st - Ori) and their account is credited with $25.

  4. Next billing cycle, the user pays $25 less than what they owe Delegate.

How does the process look like from the friend who is being referred?

  1. Clicks on the link and goes to the referral page.

  2. User fills in their email address and clicks “Sign up”

  3. The user sees a confirmation page and a link to go to Calendly and schedule an onboarding call

  4. User receives an automated message (update content by June 21st - Taimoor) and a confirmation email from Calendly.

A user who is referred to Delegate, cuts the waitlist, and continues from #5 of the onboarding flow.

How to identify a user who was referred?

Inside intercom, there’s a custom attribute of “Referred”. A referred user will be marked as “Yes”.

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