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Before Christmas

Christmas Eve

  • Traditions primarily dictated by Tomas’ family

  • No meat all day

  • Schedule:

    • late afternoon mass

    • Dinner

    • Christmas Concert

    • gifts around the tree (save some for Xmas morning, see below)

    • Read The Night Before Christmas (a tradition from Leesa’s family)

    • For young children, leave milk/cookies by the fireplace for Santa

  • Dinner should have 12 courses on the table

    • a tradition from Mocuite and Senalis, a Catholic tradition inspired by the 12 Disciples

    • can be as simple as different flavours of jello

    • e.g. bread, 3 types of shrimp, crab cakes, ketchup fish, wet smoked fish, dry smoked fish, peas, carrots, apple sauce, jello

    • a speech and a vodka toast at the start of dinner, thanks for our fortunes and remembrance of the dead

    • Different flavours of shrimp are a classic (a tradition from Mama to fit into the 12 courses)

    • very traditionally, the entire meal was eaten cold. Coupled with the lack of meat, the meal was considered one of the traditional Christian fasting days.

  • Recipes:

    • Ketchup Fish

      • Needs to be prepared the day before

    • Boiled whole mushrooms

      • Prepared the day before and eaten cold

Christmas Day

  • Traditions primarily dictated by Leesa’s family

  • Schedule:

    • first thing in the morning, open gifts

      • Tomas’ mother always used to have full stockings for the kids, an orange in the stocking was a classic, Tomas’ family did Santa presents when the kids were young

    • gather with the extended family

  • Food:

    • No strong traditions

    • Leesa’s mother typically made a beef dish (beef roast or boeuf bourguignon)

    • Tomas’ extended family typically had a turkey and a potluck style meal

  • Recipes:

    • Boeuf Bourguignon (Leesa)

    • Roasted Turkey (Gverzdys Family)

    • Spicy Mango Noodles (Ai Ping)

    • Pot Luck (Gverzdys Family)

Boxing Day

  • traditions primarily dictated by Leesa’s family

  • a day to gather with extended family

  • no strong traditions

  • Leesa’s mother typically made a turkey

  • Recipes:

    • Roasted Turkey

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