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This is a lost recipe, but I have such fond memories of my mocuite making the most delicious pizza. She would bring it to family gathers in washed out gallon pizza tubs and then let everyone eat it before the main meal was served. Having saved ourselves for the big family meal, mocuite would set these tubes out and everyone would gorge themselves, thus spoiling their appetite for the main course which, with great effort to create, was about to be served!

Mocuite is long passed now, and no one seems to remember how to make this pizza. Thus, recreating it will be a challenge. Regardless, there are hints that I can leave myself for this pizza.

  1. Mocuite had a saying… “If it ain’t got oregano, then it ain’t pizza”. Whatever the final recipe is, it should be well flavoured with oregano.

  2. The most distinguished part of the recipe was the crust. It was thinner and often had large bubbles. Mocuite would cut it into square pieces. Importantly, the recipe is likely Italian in origin. The neighborhood in St. Catherine’s, ON, where my father grew up had a large number of Italian women. Indeed, my father’s nick name, “Rooney” was even made for him as a simplification of Sharunas by these same women.

A recipe to try:

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