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Let’s call it Tomas’ Lasagna, but really it is taken from Genaro Contaldo, a professional chef. Note that this recipe is rather expensive, but does make the greatest lasagna ever. Makes enough for 1.5 to 2 lasagnas depending on how much ragu you made. The ragu recipe can be increased, but only so far as you start to run out of room in the pot and then browning has to be done in batches.

Making the ragu:


  • if using dried bay leaves, don’t break them… just toss them in

  • after the extended cooking, remove the meat and shred/chop by hand or in a food processor; toss back into the box to mix around.

    • Don’t grind up too finely, as having obvious pieces of meat on your fork is part delight of this recipe and allows the eater to realize that it was not just made from cheap ground meats

  • I often find that the sauce seems very watery before returning the meat to the pan. Resist the urge to concentrate too much because, a) the meat, once added back, acts to cling to some of the fluid, and b) because you want the sauce to flow nicely so you can

Making the lasagna:


  • If you’re going through the effort of making this lasagna, prepare fresh homemade noodles, use parmesan or similar cheese (though you can use the pre-shredded stuff, but avoid the stuff in the shaking jars that is shelf stable), and use fresh mozarella

    • Don’t skimp on volumes when purchasing the cheese, you’ll use more than expected

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