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Starbuzz is one of the largest and among the more reputed hookah brands in the world. The company has an interesting catalogue of shisha flavors. Starbuzz Irish Peach is one of the better known flavors of the brand, primarily owing to the distinct smoking experience. Some shisha connoisseurs prefer bolder flavors and they often find Starbuzz to be on the milder end of the spectrum, especially with their sweet and candy variants. The Irish Peach does well to cater to both veterans and rookies in the realm of shisha.

Irish Peach from Starbuzz

As the name implies, the most dominant flavor is that of peaches. Starbuzz has labeled this product as a bold flavor. Given the proclivity of the brand to manufacture sweeter flavors, the Irish Peach is indeed a bolder version. This flavor is available in three sizes: 100g, 250g and 1kg. Most people are likely to pick up the 100g tin can, either to simply try one before committing or owing to the reasonable price tag. There are varying online prices of the 100g can of Irish Peach.

Flavor Profile

The primary profile is of course peach. How much of the peachy flavor is from the real fruit is as good a guess of yours as is mine. One thing is for certain though. There isn’t much of chemical or synthetic ingredient in the stuff. You don’t get any chemically induced taste or flavor. There is no pungent or overpowering smell or texture.

There is no major secondary flavor profile, but one does get a bit citrusy and minty taste. Starbuzz does have other flavors that are more prominently citrusy and minty. The minty or citrusy sensations in the Irish Peach are quite subtle. You may not even notice these undercurrents as you get into the tenth or the fifteenth puff.

Smoke Quality and Cloud Density

Starbuzz doesn’t disappoint with the smoke quality. The smoke is smooth. You won’t feel any choke. There is no hard hit on the palate or the throat. One of the pleasant aspects of this Irish Peach flavor, despite it being a fruity variant, is that there is no overbearing fruitiness or excessive sweetness. Some candy flavored shishas tend to be overwhelmingly sweet. They aren’t ideal for regular smoking. This one does pull a surprise in that regard. The cloud is sufficiently thick. Anyone who presumes that Starbuzz doesn’t deliver the dense clouds should review their assumption after trying the Irish Peach.

Potency during Inhale & Exhale

There is almost no difference between an inhale and an exhale with the Irish Peach. The flavor remains consistent throughout. It is peachy, creamy, a little citrusy and a tad minty right from the moment you inhale and throughout the whole exhaling process.

Aftereffects of Irish Peach

There is no lingering aftertaste, which is pleasant. You won’t experience any head buzz or unpleasant sensations during or after smoking the Irish Peach. You may be slightly lightheaded if you are famished or considerably dehydrated before you begin smoking.

Pro Tip for Starbuzz Irish Peach

Don’t overheat the Irish Peach. It takes heat well, so there is absolutely no need to use more than three or four small cubes of coal.

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