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Often, it is seen that despite having a high-quality hookah setup, many of the hookah enthusiasts are unable to enjoy the popular tobacco brands like Starbuzz. Apart from the setup, two key things play a significant role in your smoke. Together they, along with your packing technique, decide how your hookah session will turn out to be if it will be smooth and enjoyable or too harsh and awful. 

  • Packing Your Hookah with Starbuzz

First and foremost is the hookah bowl and how you are packing it with Starbuzz tobacco. There are around four major kinds of bowls. Below, we have shared a quick trick on how you can pack these kinds of bowls, so you get the best flavors out of your hookah. Let’s begin;

  1. Vortex Hookah Bowls. The most popular bowl for smoking Starbuzz. There is a spire in the middle with some holes around. Please take a little bit of Starbuzz tobacco and place it lightly around using your hand but not touching the top rim of the bowl. It is more like breaking the tobacco and sprinkling it. Now, use a toothpick to bring the tobacco away from the spire holes in the middle for better airflow.

  2. Phunnel Hookah Bowls. For extended smoke sessions and more smoke, Funnel bowls are ideal. Like the vortex bowl, use the sprinkling method to pack the bowl. Tap the tobacco lightly at the top to avoid it touching the foil.

  3. Egyptian Clay Hookah Bowls. These kinds of bowls have big holes at the bottom. The basic idea of packing Starbuzz tobacco is to break it to allow air. One should always go for a little amount of tobacco. Keep it around half an inch below the bowl rim.

  4. Alien Phunnel Hookah Bowls. Such bowls are shallow and hence hard to break the tobacco in. Therefore, you need to keep it as airy as possible. Pat it down a little, but don’t over-pack your bowl.

Once your bowl is packed with the right amount of tobacco and leveled out, it is time to top it with two layers of aluminum sheet. Keep its shiny side down and poke small holes around the edges as the tobacco content is less, too many holes along and end up burning the tobacco giving you a bad flavor. If you are using low heat, then you can always go for a few more holes. For the Egyptian bowl, poke it down to the bottom in the middle. If required, go from the underneath of the bowl to free the holes. 

  • Smoking Starbuzz

It is always best to start your smoke with low heat. Coconut coals like Coco Buzz and Coco Nara make a perfect choice for this. You can place two to three pieces of lighted coconut coals for one bowl but keep them at equal distance and towards the edge of the bowl. Once the coals burn half the way, turn them around. If you are using high heat, go for two pieces and don’t poke too many holes as it makes the smoke very harsh. Overall, it takes only a couple of minutes to load the bowl and depending on your personal preference; you need to use the coal. 

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