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Are you looking for a suitable shisha to start your day with? Your quest may find a fitting end in the latest Morning Breeze flavor of Starbuzz. One of the many vintage flavors recently launched by Starbuzz is generating a lot off buzz. While it is perfectly compatible with any kind of setting and type of session you want, the Morning Breeze is specifically wonderful for an early morning smoke.

An Introduction to Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze Tobacco

For those unaware of the developments at Starbuzz, the research and development team of the brand, one of the market leaders in the shisha industry, had been working for over two years on a range of flavors. This range has now become its Vintage collection. There are over a dozen flavors in this collection. Morning Breeze is perhaps the only one that is particularly for sessions early in the day.

Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze uses dark leaf tobacco. As a matter of fact, the entire vintage collection uses the same dark leaf tobacco as the foundation. This is the primary flavor profile. To accentuate this flavor, the company uses distinct blends. In some cases it goes for tea or chai. In other instances it has opted for coffee. It has not ignored its fruits, spices and mint. There are enough variants of those blends as well in this vintage range of flavors.

In addition to the dark leaf and chai or tea, Morning Breeze has some lemon and a bit of honey. The latter two lend a degree of refreshing lightness and sweetness to the chai and dark leaf. The concoction is what any chai connoisseur would want. Ask any tea drinker and you will know that herbal, whether first or second flush, with a bit of fresh lemon and honey work wonders on any given morning, noon, evening or night.

What to Expect from Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze Tobacco

Expect a whiff of freshness. The smoke is light, flavorful and refreshing. Perhaps most importantly, since we are talking about mornings, this flavor has absolutely no aftereffect on the palate or any lingering sensation. You do not get a bite. There is no heady kick. The buzz is not at all dominating. Every puff is sweet and sour goodness of honey and lemon, and of course chai. The dark leaf is amazingly complemented by these additional flavor profiles. Even those who are fond of coffee, and are not that into tea, will take a liking to the Morning Breeze flavor in Starbuzz Vintage collection.

Have an easy-breezy day with Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze Tobacco. Use little for a modestly loaded bowl if you are alone and want just a few puffs to start your day. If you want a longer session, for instance twenty minutes or so, then you may pack a little more. Do not load a bowl up to the brim and tightly, unless you have company or you want an hour long session. The dark leaf packs enough punch. Using it sparingly in the morning makes it easy and breezy, flavorful enough and you are good to go.

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