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Since 2005, Starbuzz Tobacco has traveled a long way to become one of the leading tobacco and hookah companies. They have launched four particular lines of tobacco – Vintage, Serpent, Exotic, and Bold. Each of these lines features some fantastic flavor blends that can instantly refresh your dismay and cheer you up. Today, we are going to investigate the beautiful Starbuzz Dark Caribbean Hookah tobacco from Starbuzz’s Vintage line. This series primarily focuses on the timeless, rich flavors but with an enjoyable modern touch. Without wasting time, let us start exploring Starbuzz Dark Caribbean Shisha.

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Caribbean Hookah Tobacco: Flavors

As the series suggests, this is a line that features classic citrus flavors of lime, lemon along with a definite hint of mint. You can also get the traces of coconut as you go on smoking this Shisha. Unlike the other Starbuzz blends, this Shisha is rather plain with nothing unusual in it. This classic lemon-minty flavor of this Shisha is very soothing and calls for break time.

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Caribbean Hookah Tobacco: Longevity

Starbuzz Shishas contain the right amount of molasses, which allows you to enjoy extended hookah sessions with all the flavors not fading away. However, the longevity of the hookah depends on a few more factors (besides the juice of tobacco) like your bowl-packing style, and coals used for heating the hookah. To enjoy your hookah for long, make sure you used coals made from coconut shells and use the packing method that suits your hookah bowl. For example, it is best to go for a sprinkling method if you are smoking a phunnel bowl.

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Caribbean Hookah Tobacco: Buzz

The entire Starbuzz Vintage line is crafted using dark leaves of Virginia Tobacco. When the leaves receive less sunshine, they darken and contain a higher content of nicotine. Hence, this dark leaf tobacco is likely to give you a good punch of robustness. You can easily increase or decrease the buzz by packing the bowl dense or light.

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Caribbean Hookah Tobacco: Smoke Output

You can be sure of one thing while smoking a bowl of any Starbuzz hookah tobacco; you will blow massive smoke clouds. If you are not concerned about the smoke output but want to relish the flavors, then you should pack the bowl light (preferably sprinkle to pack the bowl). However, if you want the clouds to be thick, go for a dense packing style.

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Caribbean Hookah Tobacco comes in a resealable pack of 200 grams. It means that you can always save the remaining tobacco for your upcoming sessions after packing our bowl. The best thing about this Shisha is that it can go with any hookah bowl. Starbuzz Vintage Dark Caribbean Hookah Tobacco brings you a beautiful, citrusy blend that highlights some of the famous tropical fruits. Though it is not one of the best creations from the kitchen of Starbuzz, it gives you a good buzz and thrill. To enjoy it thoroughly, do order some right now!

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