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Cars are always special for car owners and they does everything to take a good care of them to maintain its beauty and performance. In the last few years we’ve seen a drastic development in the selection of cars. You got a wide selection of luxury and high performing cars available but most important is to maintain their beauty with help of regular maintenance and check ups.

When we talk about the beauty of the car one thing that attract many people is its colour and quality of exterior paint. A leading service for car painting in Seattle has shared some of the key points to take care after the car painting.

Avoid Water On Your Car: After taking car out from the paint shop first thing you need to take care is to avoid water on your car for next few hours. First of all don’t take your car directly for washing and don't drive if it is raining. The newly immersed paint will take some time to settle on the surface of the car and if you spilled water on it then the shine and glow of the paint will very.

Don’t Take It for A Long Drive: After taking car from the paint shop make sure you don’t take a car out for a long drive if you want to keep the paint job for long in your car. Taking your car straight away to a long drive after the paint job will expose it to environmental hazards like dust and debris that could stick to the newly settled paint on your car. Therefore, it would be hard to remove them once they are settled. You need to get it re-painted that would be a costly affair, therefore better avoid taking out for a long drive for a couple of days after the new paint job.

Don’t Apply Wax: This is a common mistake that many people does after taking car out from the paint shop. By applying wax to the newly painted car you are manipulating its chemical behaviour causing a major damage to your paint work. The wax end newly painted colour will cause a chemical reaction together that could hamper the quality of the paint, therefore, it is better not to do this mistake if you want your car paint to last longer.

Overall the conclusion is that when you take your car out from the paint shop you need to be more careful and vigilant. A popular auto paint shop in Seattle say’s that the more you take care of the paint of your car you will magnify its beauty.

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