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The painter Oscar Kokoschka suffered a bayonet wound at the Russian front during the First World War. He returned to find that his beloved, Alma Mahler, had been married to a different man. In the midst of desperation the artist created a re-creation of Alma Mahler.

Alma was introduced to the young Oskar Kokoschka who was the famous enfant terrible in the Viennese art scene in 1912. He was renowned for his passionate expressive portraits. Within 24 hours of meeting this website, they began an intimate affair. She became Kokoschka's primary obsession and overthrew his entire work and life. His most well-known painting, The Bride of the Wind is just one of the numerous paintings that she influenced.

Kokoschka loved Alma so much that he designed an actual life-sized replica. He supplied detailed drawings, sketches, and exact measurements (provided by the dress-maker of Alma) to the artist Hermine Moos, who was adept in the art of creating models. Kokoschka was looking for the skin to appear authentic. Moos made the decision to go with swan skin since it was as smooth and sensuous as women's. One of the most important aspects to Moos was the feeling. Kokoschka was not happy by the final anime sex doll since it appeared soft. For the model, it was crucial to look like Alma. For women, the feeling of touch is essential and for men, it's about the style. The book Studies in the Psychology of Sex The English psychotherapist Henry Havelock Ellis explained that men are visual-oriented but women are more dependent on their sensation of tactile.

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