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On a night like any other, Tom sat on the sofa, his emotions complex. Suddenly, his friend Chris burst in, eyes filled with unbelievable news. "Guess what? I'm pregnant!" Chris exclaimed with excitement. Tom was taken aback, unsure of how to respond.

As Tom looked at Chris's surprised expression, a burst of laughter erupted. "Haha, just kidding! It's impossible for me to be pregnant," Chris revealed, wearing a big smile. It turned out Chris had just acquired a new virtual reality device, immersing himself in an experience where he felt as if he were actually pregnant. This momentary episode relieved Tom, prompting him to contemplate those unexpected moments in life.

This story brings us back to the real world, reexamining the magic of sex dolls. Compared to the unexpected pregnancies in real life, the endless joy brought by mini sex doll won't plunge you into despair and distress. You won't receive surprising news in the early morning, nor will you feel anxious about life's sudden changes. Sex dolls become a way to escape reality, offering people a carefree alternative to rid themselves of worldly troubles.Buy sex doll

In this story, sex dolls become a solace for Tom's soul, strengthening his belief in the rightness of this choice. He experiences a purer joy and satisfaction from sex dolls compared to the real world, free from additional burdens. This realization leads him to understand that people might need a choice that brings endless joy without any unexpected surprises.

The story concludes with Tom and Chris enjoying delightful moments together in virtual reality, experiencing boundless happiness. In this world, they no longer worry about unexpected pregnancies or other real-world issues, focusing solely on savoring every beautiful moment. Perhaps, this is a new choice, a joyful option without concerns about consequences.click here

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