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Six various sizes of HYDOLL, various shades of face and skin But one thing they all have that they all have in all they have in common... They're all gorgeous. Whatever race, religion, or the background... beauty is a thing that has no limits. It's all over the globe, all across the continents, and across boundaries, between north and south and from the east towards west. Everyone has their preferred, but we'll all have a different preference.

Discover the gorgeous, sensual contours of our real-life sexually explicit doll Evolution A reimagining of our highly loved series. The silhouettes of her realistic and soft body will fulfill your most intense desires and cause you to be captivated by her.

With a weight of 68 pounds the silicone sex doll is simple to maneuver around in the bedroom. Her legs are wide 150 degrees, large enough to allow you to dive into your favorite sex poses and get lost in her sexiness.

Like all of our creations, this doll makes use from our unique Soft Skin technology, where she's soft all over the right places. She also provides you with something to hold onto in intimate moments.

Take a look at your dolls with Hydoll.

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