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It's no surprise that the idea behind a sex-doll brothel is controversial. While it may seem odd to have sex inanimate objects with humans, many people prefer dolls to human beings. What is the big deal? Here's everything you need to know about love toys and their place in today's society.

Sex doll brothels are still frowned upon in Germany. Berlin's current candidate for mayor is determined to change this.

Even though I've never been to one and don't know much about the subject, I think most people are uncomfortable with sex doll brothels. Johannes Schlecker (pictured above) is the candidate for Berlin mayor and wants them legalized.

Although we aren't talking about "bimbos" or "hoes with bigbutts", there is something concerning about sex dolls. This is because they look human-like, but they're not. Why is this so disturbing? Because it reminds of our mortality and fragility. It's almost like they're alive, but have been frozen in time. And therefore are dead forever. They look like corpses. Lifeless automatons with slender plastic skin and glassy eyes, surrounded by stainless steel bones.

Schlecker, however, thinks that all this fuss is just plain silly. He stated during his campaign speech concerning his plans for next year’s elections that "We need more brothels." "As far I know, there aren’t any brothels Berlin right now where you could relax with your erotic robotic companion."

The idea of a brothel for sex dolls may seem disgusting to some but it is not illegal in Germany, where the idea originated.

The idea of a brothel for little sex doll may seem disgusting to some but it's legal in Germany (where it was first proposed). Love dolls in other countries are prohibited.

A group of people were making sex dolls to export when police officers entered a Bangkok warehouse. In the same year, customs officers from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport took 120 pieces of contraband goods, including parts to make obscene objects. By amending its Customs Act 1901, the Australian government made child-like sex toys illegal by making them available for sale. [1]

The love dolls are extremely realistic and may be disconcerting to some.

The dolls of love are extremely realistic and can sometimes be a bit confusing for some people. It can feel more real than it is because dolls come with realistic hair, faces and bodies. A doll with large eyes and a small nose may be more appealing than a doll that is 6'0".

It's also important to decide if you prefer female or male love dolls. There is no way to tell if a doll can mimic oral sex by just looking at them. But some men prefer to know what they're getting into prior to investing in such products.

Sex doll brothels should be avoided as they are thought to encourage unhealthy sexual behaviours like increased isolation, avoidance or lack of emotional contact, and a lack empathy.

Sex doll brothels have been criticized for encouraging unhealthy sexual behaviors, including isolation, avoidance or lack of emotional contact, and empathy. However, studies have shown that these claims are exaggerated. In fact, sex toys have the potential to improve intimacy for people with disabilities. Although some may use them to avoid physical contact, there isn’t sufficient evidence yet to prove that this is the case.

Thomas Heilmann, the current candidate for Berlin Mayor, wants to make it easier for those who wish to open love doll brothels within Berlin.

Thomas Heilmann, the current candidate for Berlin Mayor, wants to make it easier for those who wish to open love doll brothels within Berlin.

According to The Local Heilmann's main problem with current laws, they don't give enough information about whether sex robots can be used for prostitution purposes or illegal.

The politician proposes to make a law that permits the use of these sex toys by prostitutes.

Heilmann's proposal states that dolls are acceptable if a person prefers them to human beings.

The proposal says that dolls are more desirable than human beings, provided that harassment is not involved. The bill bans discrimination against love dolls and artificial partners such as prostitutes and sex workers.

Heilmann told The New York Times that "The Bill of Rights" states that all citizens have equal rights in life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. "If someone has a preference to dolls over human beings it should be permitted provided that there is no harassment."

Heilmann said that the current laws against inanimate objects being used for sexual purposes are discriminatory towards those who want to use them for years but cannot legally because of fear of prosecution by law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and local police departments.

Although Heilmann's suggestion is considered a good idea by some, others doubt it.

Although Heilmann's idea is considered a good one, some don't think it's a significant step in the right direction. Quartz is told by Ian Kerner, a sexual therapist. "Sex robots won't stop men from abusing females." It will just be another outlet for their anger."

Drummond states that she supports Heilmann's idea and would love to see a robotic companion that could talk back to her about her appearance, including how she's gaining weight over the years. Drummond said that there should be a way for men to be attracted to women, but not sexually. "There should be a way for them to say "I'm just looking at companionship."

A new mayor candidate is seeking to legalize love-doll brothels.

A new mayor candidate is seeking to legalize love-doll brothels.

On Monday, the proposal was launched. It would allow those who wish to open a love-doll brothel in the area to do so. The announcement comes as Germany prepares for the upcoming federal elections, in which Angela Merkel seeks a fourth term as chancellor.

Toni Heilmann (extreme-right Alternative for Germany) has proposed the idea. He believes the sex toys could reduce crime rates and help prevent human trafficking. [1]


Let us know your thoughts. Are we allowing people to have sex on dolls? Are we going to try to stop people from having sex with dolls? There's no one right answer. It comes down to personal preference. While some may find the idea of having sex in public with a doll difficult, others will see it as an opportunity to have fun. However you feel about the topic, or the proposal itself - there is one thing all can agree on: love dolls truly are lifelike!

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