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If you are looking for a Personal Debt Collection Attorney, or a Debt Recovery Attorney then The Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen can be your biggest support. We deal with all types of debt related cases including (but not limited to):

Breach of Contract

• Non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement;

• Mortgage acceleration clause;

• Merger or modification of agreements;

• General or limited release of liability;

• Choice of venue or law;

• General or limited warranty;

• Indemnification;

• Mediation or arbitration;

• Substantial or best efforts performance;

• Transfer of rights;

• Intellectual property rights; and

• Covenant not to compete.

Collection of Services Rendered

Credit Card Debt Litigation

Goods Sold & Delivered & Services Rendered

Returned Checks “NSF” Checks

Efficient Money Lent Collection Service

Florida Collections Law Firm – Promissory Note Litigation

Florida Mechanic’s Lien Filing

• Florida mechanics law lien

• 50 state national mechanics lien filing service

• 5 things to know about Florida mechanics lien law

• Florida construction lien law summary

• Florida construction mechanics lien law

• Practical solutions to the problems resulting from the real-life application of Florida’s construction lien transfer bond statute

• Understanding Florida’s mechanic’s lien laws

Garnishment of both Bank Accounts and Wages

Firm Vs.Agency

You can read through the judgements section to know about our work and reach us through the contact us page for more information.

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