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“The Lord owns earth, and all earth’s fulness, the round world, and all its inhabitants.”

- Psalm 23:1

Humanity first dwelt on Earth before expanding into other domains. At present, these realms rule portions of it, some commanding vast extrasolar domains.

The Terran Realms

Magnum Imperium Romanorum

The [Great Roman Empire](rome.md), formed from the crumbling European nations by the [Great Empress](../characters/historical/great_monarch.md) from France. The Empress came from the line of Capetian kings from old, called to St Jehanne Darc's footsteps to save France. However, whereas the saint reclaimed France from enemies without, the Empress did so from enemies within. With Paris destroyed by a nuclear strike as just chastisement, the Empress led her armies against the Russian invaders in neighboring Germany. A fierce battle occurred, forcing the invaders to retreat to Cologne, where they were promptly defeated. The Angelic Pope, [Pius XIII](../characters/saints/pope_pius_xiii.md), thus completed the required consecration of Russia to our Lady's Immaculate Heart. An uprising in support of the Romanov pretender swept Russia, and her Church restored communion with Rome. Europe lay in ruins, however, and her people pleaded to the Empress for her leadership. Pius XIII crowned her and her husband as Empress and Emperor of Great Rome, covering the whole realms once subject to the city in days past. Europe, while now back under the Faith, would never see its glory restored. Today, the Empire has few extrasolar colonies relative to other realms. His Holiness rules the city of Rome itself, with delegates from other realms, human and otherwise, paying homage.

Sacrum Regnum Russicum

[Holy Russia](russia.md), ruled by the Romanov Tsar. In olden days the Romanovs were deposed by revolutionaries under masonic auspices. These usurpers broke from both royal and earthly control and established a new order so unlike any realm from before. Most surprising was their ban on the masonic influence that supported their rise, all while they continued the masons' plans. This new Russian order conducted an infiltration of the Church worldwide, causing modernist rot to seep into its very foundations. However, a post-conciliar Pope managed to consecrate the world to our Lady's Immaculate Heart, causing the order's fall from power. However, this Pope did not follow Heavenly orders correctly, and Russia's errors continued spreading. Russia herself faced internal turmoil between adherents to her local Church and modernist influence, now having adopted a different face from the fallen order. This new face would later triumph in accordance with St. Seraphim of Vyritsa's prophecies, plunging the world to a new war that formed part of the minor chastisement. Following Pius XIII's consecration, Russia's Church has restored communion with Rome, and Russia herself controls many extrasolar colonies. She has warm relations with the [Salomari](../salomari/salomar_empire.md), and seeks to form trade agreements with other galactic realms.

Regnum Ierusalemitanum


Regnum Iaponicum

In their native tongue, [Nippon Teikoku](./japan.md), ruled by the House of Yamato. The kingdom was formed in the aftermath of the War of Unbelief with the conversion of the Japanese people to the Church. Japan suffered much in the chastisement, its great capital of Tokyo falling into the sea. The Imperial family, an old lineage from before Christ, pleaded to the Empress for aid. She sent a multitude of thinkers, builders, and preachers, allowing Japan to recover from disasters. Japanese scientists perfected the Alcubierre drive, allowing travel beyond the Kepler belt. She controls a mighty domain across the galaxy, with rumors pointing to planned expansion into Andromeda.

Regnum Sinicum

Regnum Coreaum

In their native tongue, [Dae Joseonguk](./joseon.wiki), the restored Joseon kingdom, ruled by the House of Yi. Russia's agents in Korea and China fell upon the Korean people during the War of Unbelief. Many in the Church experienced martyrdom, and many more faced hardship. Russia's defeat in the West and a popular uprising in China allowed Korea to prevail. Desolation abounded everywhere, and people clamored for the monarchy to return. The head of the House of Yi was crowned in the ruins of Hanseong by His Holiness Pius XIII himself. Joseon currently experiences calm, and its extrasolar colonies provide shelter to others in times of war.

Terra Americae

A patchwork of petty confederacies occupying Nordamerik. Chronicles tell that the most powerful state in the world once occupied these lands. Ruin and disaster during the War of Unbelief brought these lands to stone-age conditions. These confederacies nominally support each other, although disagreements persist in matters of primacy. Internal confederation leadership is decided in a tribal-like manner, with displays of power, wealth, extravagance, and the like to gain popularity, followed by a conference determining the winner. These confederacies receive much in the way of humanitarian aid, with the African Union being the largest benefactor.

Societas Africanus

A union of sub-Saharan African nations, all forming one of Terra's most powerful blocs. Only the Great Roman Empire commands more power within the Sol System. However, the Union commands a vast extrasolar domain, home to many nations and peoples. The Union boasts of being the oldest Salomari ally, with the two domains supporting each other in times of peace and war.

Regnum Persiae

Regnum Bagrationi

A realm that sprang from the reunion of the Armenian and Georgian royal houses. The House of Bagration rules a diverse realm, maintaining cordial relations with the Romans, Russians, and Persians that border them. The Syriac, Armenian, and Georgian Churches prosper in the peace that settled after the Chastisement. Among their number hold the Assyrians. While in ancient times they fought against the people of God, today they stand as one of His most valiant and devout standard bearers.

Reino de Guadalupe

Regnum Indicum

Res Publica Pampangensis

In their formal tongue, la Republika de Pampanga. A patchwork of nations united by common vassalage to el adelantado, traditionally elected from la Probinsya de la Pampanga. The Republic's origins lay before the chastisement, when the Kapampangan people rallied behind a Kapampangan leader who was faithful to God and the Church. He started his conquest with the Tagalog lands, those who betrayed the Church and installed in her holy thrones blasphemers and heretics. The Bikolanos swore fealty afterwards, and soon all of Luzon swore allegiance to him. His Holiness Pius XIII anointed the leader as sovereign over las Islas Filipinas, the islands' domain expanding to the whole of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Today, the Pampanguenyos control a modest extrasolar domain. Many Salomari visit their lands for pleasure and education.

Rzeczpospolita Polska

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, ruled by an elected king. They prosper from trade between Russia and Rome.

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