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There has to be a Third World War. Not for political or military reasons, but for moral ones.”

- Bishop Richard Williamson, FSSPX (Inquisitor's note: **excommunicated**)

“The special reign of God the Father lasted until the Deluge, and was concluded by a deluge of water. The reign of Jesus Christ was concluded by a deluge of Blood. But Thy reign, Spirit of the Father and of the Son, continues at the present time and will be concluded by deluge of fire, of love, of justice.”

- St. Louis de Montfort

The Minor Chastisement was the culmination of the Fifth Age of the Church.



  • Alta Vendita

  • Second Council of the Vatican

  • Assisi Meeting

  • Amazon Synod


  • Fatima Day Earthquakes

  • Burning of Paris

  • Destruction of Rome

The War of the Great Monarch


  • The Three Days of Darkness


  • Great Monarch

  • Pope Pius XIII

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