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An image of Shakespeare. He is important to the plot of most episodes.

William Shakespeare is a major charcter in Puppet Pals 2. He is the tritagonist, along with The Sheriff.


Shakespeare appears just like his real-world counterpart. However, his eyelids are droopier, and he frowns all the time regardless of what mood he’s in. He always wears a fancy outfit, which is a puffy-looking jacket with large cuffs, a big white collar, golden buckles, and a kilt-like bottom. He wears a pair of what appears to be leotards, and some brown fancy shoes. He has mentioned that he is muscular, giving him immense strength.


Shakespeare is quite sociable; however, when the Puppets sneak into his stage, he is quickly alarmed by their voices, as he did not yet know them. Shakespeare’s dream is to “take over the internet,” which he always fails to do. He also enjoys gaming with Little Boy and the Sheriff when not making plays.

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