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An image of Little Girl. Note: this image wasn't brightened up by the editors, hence the darkness at the bottom.

Little Girl is a main character of Puppet Pals 2. She is Little Boy's twin brother and oftentimes helps him out.


Little Girl resembles Little Boy, albeit as a girl. She has a few differences; for instance, her clothes are a different color, as she wears pink sneakers and a pink shirt, and also has lighter jeans. Her stance is also a mirrored version of Little Boy's. She has pigtails in her hair with red bands.


Despite being young, she oftentimes has a tomboyish personality. However, she maintains some feminine traits, such as liking the color pink and ponies, as well as being neat. Her voice is high-pitched and raspy, implying she may be a little psychotic. This is due to the fact that she is voiced by Caleb Taylor, who is male.

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