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Is kratom legal in Wisconsin? Kratom has a wide user base in the US due to many personal reasons. However, it is banned in certain states in USA, including Wisconsin. The state bans the use of any product that contains kratom. 

Wisconsin will have to wait to use kratom legally till the state reverses its 2014 bill that banned the herbal item. Kratom advocates say Mitragyna Speciosa derivatives are neither opioid nor synthetic. However, the Senate passed a bill that listed two primary Mitragyna Speciosa alkaloids, known as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. They were included in Schedule I, along with synthetic opioids, resulting in the listing of kratom in the Wisconsin Controlled Substances Act.


Kratom is derived from Mitragyna Speciosa, a tree indigenous to Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand. Kratom has been used in these regions as a herbal potion since the 19th century. The traditional way to consume kratom is by chewing the leaves of this tree. Modern day use of kratom is done in the form of capsules, tea bags, oils, incense sticks, and powders. 


Under the state law, kratom is banned by the FDA in Wisconsin. You cannot produce, distribute, or possess kratom within the state. If anyone in Wisconsin is found buying, selling or consuming kratom, he or she will face criminal charges, and could land in prison.

Kratom supporters in Wisconsin can hope to see a lift in the ban in the future. The Wisconsin State Health Committee held a hearing to discuss kratom on October 30, 2019. The senators shared a positive outlook towards kratom use while discussing about a possibility of lifting the ban. A bill presenting the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Wisconsin can make kratom legal in the state.

American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a non-profit group that supports the protection of kratom-users from the state law. It aims to raise awareness about kratom, and its importance in improving health and general well-being. 

AKA’s 5-point mission: 

1. Support Consumers 

Drive a change in the outlook towards kratom users.

2. Educate 

Educate America about the benefits of kratom.

3. Amplify 

Get kratom consumers under a single umbrella.

4. Global Awareness 

Demonstrate responsible use of kratom across the globe.

5. Protect Natural Resources 

Support sustainable harvesting and reforestation to conserve the natural resource.

AKA aims to protect kratom manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, in addition to reaching out to researchers working on kratom uses.

AKA certifies Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) to make sure kratom manufacturers follow strict rules. This ensures users’ safety in the long run. AKA GMP certification is an annual process, and every manufacturer, including Simple Botanical, is required to clear the audits. All GMP Qualifying kratom producers are listed in the AKA website.  

In its bid to protect kratom users from spurious products, AKA alerts the FDA about manufacturers or distributors that don’t stick to its rules.


Is Kratom legal in Wisconsin? If you think you could trick the authorities by using a proxy route to order kratom online, you are in tough luck. It’s not advisable to bypass Wisconsin’s kratom ban. Reliable kratom online sellers like Simple Botanical do not ship to places where kratom is banned. 

Until Wisconsin rolls back the ban, do not break the law by trying to procure kratom illegally in the state. You could land in serious legal trouble.

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