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Can you smoke Kratom is a question that is asked both by kratom newbies and seasoned Kratom enthusiasts.

The answer is, yes, you can smoke Kratom in the states where use of this herbal product is permitted. Technically, you CAN. But from a health point of view, you shouldn’t! Why, you would ask. The answer is simple! Smoking is a hazard to your health.

Pros and Cons of smoking Kratom

Smoking Kratom might lure you because it works faster than other methods of oral ingestion. However, it is not advisable because when you smoke, you inhale the substance, and it reaches the lungs directly. This can cause potential harm to your lungs.

Kratom is safe when taken in its traditional forms of capsules, powder, and tea. This herbal substance can act differently when smoked, disturbing the way our respiratory system performs.

When you smoke Kratom, the effect shows within 30 minutes. Taking it orally will require the digestive system to work for 4 hours to provide the desired wellness. You might want to smoke Kratom for quick results, but it is better to skip it to avoid permanent damage of your lungs.

Why smoke kratom when there are better ways to attain wellbeing in the form of Kratom capsules, powder and tea?

Kratom Origin

Kratom is popular across the world for its ability to provide physical and mental wellbeing. Mitragyna speciosa, the Kratom tree, is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand.

Kratom has been used as a herbal medicine in these Southeast Asian regions since the 19th century. The traditional way to have Kratom was by chewing Mitragyna speciosa leaves. With its growing popularity, Kratom now is available in various forms: capsules, tea dips, and powder.

Different forms of Kratom

All Kratom products are prepared from Mitragyna speciosa extract, a concentrated form. The extract is derived from Kratom alkaloids. The herbal leaf contains the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Three forms of Kratom extract:

  • Powder, in concentrated form

  • Tincture, in liquid form

  • Resin, in thick paste form

Kratom powder or Mitragyna speciosa leaves are used for making the extract. The required alkaline is taken by boiling the leaves or powder, and then strained to separate the solid remains. After the water evaporates, and the moisture dries, it leaves a dark gummy paste – the extract.

This dark substance is dried and turned into brittle clumps. It is then ground into a fine powder. The extract is further processed to make kratom oil or tea. Kratom tinctures are the results of a mixture of organic compounds.

Best Place to Buy Kratom – Simple Botanical

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