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The essay is the most common form of academic writing; everyone has come across any time. The essay follows a certain pattern that is set as a template for writing. It includes various sections that address the content on which that essay is to be written. The introductory paragraph features the topic in brief and tells what all are there in the further content. The major interest of the reader is set-up by the introductory paragraph. It includes one-tenth of the content of the essay. It is followed by the body which is the main content of the essay. It could include various headings which could be used by the writer to explain the topic in sections. This contributes to the major part of the essay and is four-fifth of the total content. The concluding paragraph summarizes the content in brief. It tells about the final words that need to be included in the essay. The characteristic of the healthy essay could differ and are as follows:

No subheadings

The essay does not compose the sub-headings. The content could be in the heading or without the headings, but the sub-headings are strictly not required. To demonstrate good writing skills one could write the essay even without the headings, but the sub-heading section is not filled in this.

Avoid using charts and graphs

As per our online homework help- One must avoid the usage of graphs and charts, as they are the characteristic of the report. An essay is differentiated from the report in the basic template. The content in the charts and graphs could be incorporated in the paragraph forms, to show a better understanding of the factors.

Use authentic pieces of evidence

The use of authentic shreds of evidence should be there to promote the quality of the essay. The writer should involve the government sites or the published journal, articles, or books in writing the essay. They are considered as the authentic source of information in academic writing. 

Be specific with the theme

One should stick to the theme, and should not revolve around multiple topics. This would help in building the interest of the readers. The students could take essay help,from the online homework helper. This can reduce the load of the students, and could help in getting the work done efficiently. 

Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes

The most common mistake committed by the writers is the major mistakes of grammar and punctuation. Some of them even have issues with the spellings. It is always advised to ignore such errors to augment the level of the essay.

Stick to the type of essay

The essay is categorized into different categories. This includes the argumentative, descriptive, and many more. One should put the description or an argument based on the type of essay asked in the question.

These tips could help the writer to be proficient with essay writing. Practice makes a man perfect, so the regular practice could help in achieving proficiency. The essay help, USA could be of great use to the novice writers, in getting better insights of the topic. 

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