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What are psychological phobias?

It is quite normal for a human and a mammal to fear something of another, but when this fear reaches a point where it becomes paralyzing or draining impacting the functioning of your normal routine then it becomes a phobia. A phobia can generate from anything and is a form of anxiety disorder. A fear persisting for more than half a year is likely to enable physical symptoms like chest pain, sweating, breathing issues, etc. The article talks about different kinds of phobias that are experienced by a lot of people in today’s time. 

Types of phobias – 

Top five psychological phobias faced by human beings mostly are as follows, 

· Social – or social anxiety disorder is when a person is scared of interacting socially and is a very common type of phobia. Everyday social communications are stressful, challenging, and anxiety-inducing for the patient. 

· Atychiphobia – we all fear failures, but when this fear reaches a point when an individual is not able to progress in his or her life only a licensed psychological professional can help solve this phobia. 

· Thanatophobia – there is no doubt that each one of us fears death. However, if this fear is causing anxiety and coming in between your everyday chores where a person is unable to function and behave normally then the fear is a serious phobia that needs treatment. 

· Arachnophobia – the fear of arachnids like spiders and Scorpio can cause anxiety and physical symptoms. This fear can be developed in childhood and also sometimes during adulthood. 

· Vehophobia – is the fear of driving a vehicle on bridges or hights and many more. This phobia can arise due to past experiences of a person involved in a car accident or witnessing an accident, the symptoms are quite similar to the ones of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and acute stress disorder. 

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