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Step 1: Students will divide themselves into four groups, with four people in each group. There is 16 students in class so every group should have four people in it.

Step 2: There will be a rotation of the groups so that the students will be able to help each other in the first rotation and then teach each other in the second group.

In the first group the students will be working on the same main topic with different sub-topics about suffragists, protests, political cartoons, or results/outcomes. Then one person from each of the original groups will come together to make the final group. The final group will be doing a group project together.

Check out the resource page to gather your information. Make sure to cite the sources that you used at the bottom of your assignment.

Step 3:  The individual tasks are outlined as follows:

  • Group 1: Suffragists

    • Each student will research a different women’s suffragist (example: Alice Paul). Students should gather information about the person’s early childhood, education, achievements and contributions to the women’s suffrage movement.

  • Group 2: Protests

    • Students in group 2 will research different types of protests used during the Women’s Suffrage movement. Each student will select a different type of protest, such as hunger strikes, and discuss the dynamics of the protest. Students should tell what happened, where it occurred, and the consequences of the protest.

  • Group 3: Political Cartoons

    • Each student will create their own political cartoon about the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Each cartoon should be no bigger than a 8 x 10 page. Student’s should also write a short paragraph (5-7 sentences)  explaining the inspiration for their cartoon.

  • Group 4: Results/Outcomes

    • Each student will examine a different effect of the Women’s suffrage Movement (example: 19th amendment).  Students should discuss how each result impacted America.

Step 4: Each group will share their answers among each other and check each other for accuracy.

Group Project:

Step 5: The students will now rearrange groups. Each group should have one person from each of the original four groups to make the final four groups.

Step 6: Each group will work together to create a mini-lesson about the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Each group will create a PowerPoint with a minimum of 4 content slides, highlighting the different topics discussed in the individual assignments. A title slide and works cited slide are also required. Each group presentation should not exceed 10 minutes.

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