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What you should have learned:

In this assignment you should have learned about the women that influenced the suffragist movement, what some common methods of protest were, looked at some political cartoons that engaged your imagination, and understood what the end result was from this movement.

You should have also learned about the 19th amendment and be able to recognize it as the amendment that gave women the right to vote.

Further Information:

When you have a chance I would recommend you watching the following two resources. If we have time on Friday we may watch scenes from both.

The first video is only about 13 minutes long and is a crash course on the suffrage movement. The second video is a link to watch the movie Iron Jawed Angles and is a movie about what the women of the suffrage movement went through. These resources will be able to give you a better understanding of suffrage.

Crash Course on Suffrage:

Short Video

Iron Jawed Angels:

Long Video


The work that you did in the first group will be counted as a classwork grade and the actually project that you did will be counted as a test grade.

Completed by:

Miranda Mullins


Ashley Taylor

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