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There should be NO surfing of the internet!!

I will provide every resource needed for each student to complete their assigned task. In addition to links, I will attach a table to record your expenses to enforce your budget.

  • student 1-4:

    • Planning Tables to assist with your budgeting.

    • Please remember

  • student 1:

    • Hotel Trivago is a GREAT source! It will offer many awesome deals.

    • If the source above does not suite your taste, you may also try trip advisor.

      • When using both of these sources, they may ask for specific dates you’re looking for. Do not be afraid to input dates. (You need to look for a 6 night, 7 day stay!)

  • student 2:

  • student 3:

    • Eating out is always fun! Some restaurants are more cost efficient than others! This site offers an array of good (cheap)restaurants for you to explore. (some online menus offer prices while other don’t.)

    • Myrtle beach also offers fancier restaurants you may be interested in too!

    • I understand you may not be able to report an exact cost for every person’s meal. I advise you to use average cost of eating when you’re planning. Remember that rounding is acceptable for your planning technique.

  • student 4:

    • Your crew will be traveling in a stylish 2021 Yukon!

    • In order to complete your task, you will need up to date information on gas prices in Aiken, SC. (your trips starting point.)

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