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What did we learn?

Through the course of this assignment students will gather information to help solve real world problems! Students should find themselves exhibiting and learning more about the real world uses of a series of math skills! These skills include addition, multiplication, subtraction, and rounding skills. Students should learn more about how to analyze their resources to create a product. This assignment requires students to enforce their higher order thinking skills for the best possible outcome of their products.

Additional Assignments:

As we have completed our tasks and final assignment, I would like to hear feedback from students.

  • Every student is now responsible for hand-writing a one paragraph review of their group project.

  • These responses will add additional points to your team’s final grade!

    • Your writing should answer the following questions:

      • Did you enjoy this assignment?

      • Do you feel like your team worked good together?

      • What is one thing you would do different next time?

      • What was your favorite part of this assignment?

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