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Title: Dungeon Shaker Space Travel

Grade level: 4th grade science

SC Standard: 4.E.3A.1-3

Names of group members: Rickeshia Doe, Peyton Hanks, Madeline Whitaker

Hello, astronomers! 

Welcome to the Dungeon-Shaker! Your crew was handpicked to travel beyond the earth’s atmosphere to experience life. As we take our seats on the Dungeon- Shaker you will each be given a very specific role to play and each astronomer should be on the lookout for beneficial information. On our way outer space, we will discuss the locations and order of the eight planets in our solar system, the distance between each planet and the sun, the composition of each planet (rock or gas), phases of the moon, and important aspects of each planet. As the Dungeon- Shaker travel from planet to planet it is crucial that you pay close attention to your surroundings. It is also extremely important for each of you to ask questions about the planets. Now that we have all the information that is needed to take off let’s get this Dungeon-Shaker shaking!

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