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Hi astronomers! This is your guide to complete your task. Steps 1 through 4 are individual work, each astronomer will follow one of the four steps depending on which astronomer number you were given. Once every individual has finished their research, you will get into your groups to complete step 5. Remember, no surfing the internet, only use the links provided! 


Step 1: Astronomer 1 will research the planets to determine how far away from the sun they are and their order. Be on a lookout for the two dwarf planets!


Step 2: Astronomer 2 will look at the constellations and determine what they are often referred to.  Once astronomer 1 has gotten all of their research done, astronomer 2 will determine the composition of each planet


Step 3: Astronomer 3 will define what a telescopeastrolabe, and sextantare and why are they are important. Keep an eye out for what each look like. 


Step 4: Astronomer 4 will explain what the phases of the moon are and how each are identified by how they appear in the sky. 


Step 5: Each astronomer will get into their provided groups and combine all of their information they have individually researched. Once every astronomer has checked each other’s work, you will be given a poster board which will be used to put together all the information you learned about the solar system. This poster board must include every astronomers’ findings. Have fun and be creative! 

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