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There are two major branches of science that deal with the body’s parts and functions, the first one is anatomy and the other is physiology. Anatomy is the discussion of the science of the body structures and relationship with each other. It’s also defined as the study of human and animal bodies. The branch of science that deals with functions of the organ system and organs, and their working within the body to cope-up with challenges is termed as physiology. Scholars pursuing their higher studies in physiology have to learn about different aspects of the subject and work on various academic projects throughout their academics. There are different branches of the subject that physiology assignment help experts have defined below.  

Branches of Physiology

Physiology is one of the major branches of physiology that are various sub-branches. The division of different branches of physiology differs when we ask different experts to divide it. In this write-up, the professional assignment writer associated with a notable academic help brand has described the subdivisions of physiology.


Animal and Human Physiology

Animal and human physiology is a sub-branch of physiology that deals with human beings and animal body functions. It is further divided into two branches, one is pathophysiology which focuses on dealing with the physiology of diseases, and the other is system physiology that deals with different body systems.

Microscopic Physiology

Microscopic physiology is the study of analysing any organisms and divided into bacterial physiology, viral physiology, and cellular physiology. This branch of physiology has a significant arch over the animal and human physiology since viruses and bacteria affect the largest living beings frequently.

Comparative Physiology

Comparative physiology is the sub-discipline of the subject that compares the physiology of different organisms and may include various elements of developmental physiology as well for completing the comparison. This branch of physiology provides evidence with the scientists for determining the taxonomic relationship among various organisms.

Developmental Physiology

This branch of biology deals with how the physiology system transforms throughout the lifespan of living organisms. For instance, some animals take birth with cartilage that converts into the bone after a specific time. Development and physiology also evaluate the effect of the environment as well as genetic influences on the development process of organisms.

Practical Physiology

Practical physiology is a branch of physiology that focuses on identifying and implementing the uses practical of physiology. It includes different disciplines, like - high-attitude and exercise physiology.

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