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The term Wiki means “super fast” which came from the Hawaiian phrase, “wiki wiki.” A Wiki is a form of a website that individuals may add and make comments on the content on the site using their browser. Wikipedia is a large wiki for a free encyclopaedia, which edits in many languages (Christensson, 2006). Furthermore, this will be an instructional wiki that intended to direct an activity that shows materials as the individual engages in their learning. Instructional wiki is a design for creativity and to foster an experience that makes the achievement of knowledge and skills effective, efficient and appealing (Wikiversity, 2014).

Guidelines to Wiki

Here is a step by step guide on how to operate the wiki.

1.      Click on the link for the wiki

2.      Learn the basic button “edit”, “save” and “discuss”.

3.      The “edit” button converts the page into an editor’s page. This allows you to format the page just as you would for a word document. There is also a “save” button at the end of editing.

4.      After editing the article you click on save to keep the changes on the page. The page will convert back to the webpage with the changes.

5.      The “discuss” button is to comment on a page; that is to give ideas to other editors without editing or changing the page.

Now that you have the basic, explore the wiki, discuss and have fun.

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