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Parents are to bear in mind, the wiki is a website and involves the right of personal privacy (to seclude individuals or information about themselves, and to express themselves selectively) in storing, repurposing, provision to third parties and displaying of information pertaining to oneself.

·         You are protected by the law of website

·         Your comments should be in relation to the activity posted

·         The wiki is not to be posted to anyone or made public

For kids:

Wiki for kids is clarified by Wikipedia that source articles that are provided in simple English. These sites are filtered out to provide content that is appropriate for children. The internet is a valuable and powerful tool that puts information at our fingertips. Safe, search Wiki has partnered with the KidzSearch Wiki to provide a safe and accessible site.

The site provides:

·         Safe- a no brainer space that filters potentially inappropriate images.

·         Readable- good information that not only opens your vocabulary but the new information received is easy to understand and not overwhelming.

·         Accurate- the wiki has a banned against misinformation.

Children should be made aware that their information and browsing the internet can be tracked while visiting particular sites.

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