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Now that you understand the use of the wiki let, participate in the Learning Objective for today’s activity. Age 3 through 5 years will be involved in a cooking integrated experience.



Children will be given the opportunities to:

Knowledge: Recognize the shapes and colours that they see. Locate ingredient needed for the preparation of the snack. State and label the ingredients, identify the texture and taste of the ingredients and recall the name of the snack made. Distinguish the taste of the various taste of ingredient used.

Skill: Express creativity through the preparation of the “Happy Trails” as they assemble the various ingredients into their cones. Display their hand-eye coordination by selecting the different ingredients to assemble on the table and place them in their cone. May also use fine motor skills to cut ingredients open and pour into a bowl. May develop their dexterity as they draw the ingredients.

Attitudes: Maybe excited to assemble the ingredients as they name and label them. May enjoy selecting an assembling the ingredients in their bowl as they flip and toss the ingredients together.

Deposition: May appreciate the taste of “happy trails” as they express sweet and salt. Develop resilience despite the challenge of using the scissors and flipping and tossing the ingredients.


Granola Big and small bowls

Plantin chip Scissors

Honey Roasted Cashew Spoons

Peanut Gems

Super Shape Cereals

Cinnamon Squares Cereals


"Happy Trails" Discuss how we are going to get all the ingredients assembled to look like the image.

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