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Folktales and the Horror Narrative

  • Folklore and Folktales: A Primer

  • Fear as a Social Construct

  • Fear Narratives in Oral Traditions

  • Horror Cinema as Modern Folktale

The Transmission of Culture

  • Horror Movies as Cultural Transmitters

  • Horrors of the Political Machine: Xenophobia and Alien Invasions

  • Orwellian Dystopias and the Spectacle: Society, Family, and the Individual

  • The Warnings of Helpful Animals: The Role of Minorities and Children

  • The “Final Girl”: Gender Tropes and Transgressions

  • Carnal Carnage: Sexuality and the Eroticism of Violence

  • Geist in the Machine: Cyberphobia, Transhumanism, and Techno-eschatology

Horror Cinema Deconstructed

  • Fables: Morality, Monsters, and the Mad Scientist

  • Fairy Tales: Vengeful Ghosts and Other Supernatural Horrors

  • Tall Tales: Found Footage and False Truths

  • Legends: Sensationalized Reality and Urban Lore

  • Myths: Religious and Demonic Horrors

  • Anecdotes: Gallows Humor and the Caricature of Terror

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