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Do you know kratom is legal or illegal in texas? We will clear your doubts in this post about kratom legality in Texas.

What is Kratom?

First of all, let’s clear some of the misnomers around Kratom like: Kratom is an illegal narcotic It’s a street drug Kratom is safe to consume for medicinal purposes Kratom is harmful There is no such thing as Kratom It’s an ancient herb from Southeast Asia Kratom is a prescription drug Kratom is more dangerous than Heroin Kratom is untraceable The list goes on and on. The bottom line is that many of these claims are false. Kratom is legal in Texas. Kratom is not illegal in Texas and may in fact be safer than prescription medicines or alcohol. Kratom should not be illegal because it is actually a safe, natural substance with medical value. For all those who use the plant for medicinal purposes – just remember this myth that is still circulating.

The Legal Status of Kratom in Texas

From where does kratom come into your life? Do you know it is legal or illegal in Texas? It is an emerging plant which acts as an opioid and a stimulant but also exhibits some antitussive properties. Kratom is called “herbal heroin”, though the fact is that it is far more dangerous than heroin and many people have died or been injured by using it. It is legal in Texas but illegal for sale in Texas. 

Final Note -

Is kratom legal in Texas? Yes, it is. If you still have queries, please let us know by comment.

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