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TweakDoor app is a web browser that will allow you to access any site that Google Chrome and Safari are allowed to visit. You'll be able to open blocked sites on your iPhone easily without jailbreak or installing additional software. TweakDoor iOS app has already been installed by hundreds of users so far and it works as an illegal hacking tool. It is an app that allows you to view blocked sites on your iPhone without a jailbreak and it will be the first legal method to access sites that are not accessible according to Apple's rules.

TweakDoor App for iPhone - How does it work?

You can easily install the TweakDoor browser on your iPhone, 3GS, and iPod touch because it is optimized for all iOS devices.

Simply move to this website on your iOS device Safari browser and tap on the "Install Now" button. Then press "Install" again to confirm that you wish to install the TweakDoor app. After a while of downloading, tapping the home button and you'll be able to see the TweakDoor app on your iPhone menu. After that, open the Safari browser and go to the tweakdoorapp website again, then tap on the "Install Now" button and press "Install" once more.

That's all you need to do in order to install this browser on your Apple device. Also, this app uses HTML5 local storage in order to save your preferences and browsing history.

Is TweakDoor App Safe?

TweakDoor browser for iPhone is available at tweakdoorapp website so you don't have to worry about its security because it is functional and safe. There is no privacy violation because it doesn't add any malicious code to your device. This app will be closed if you press the home button twice and open only allowed sites in order to protect your iOS from malware and viruses which are going on the internet now.

TweakDoor App - Its Unique Features

You'll be able to change the background as well as the font size through the "Font" and "Background" buttons which are located at the upper right corner of this app. You can also have access to your frequently visited sites by touching the "Bookmarks" button. Also, you'll get a possibility of removing cookies from your browser in order to clear site preferences information.

Last but not least, this app is easy to use, has a lot of simple features and it's free for download.

Conclusion -

We hope that you've enjoyed reading this article and now you know how to use the TweakDoor browser on your iPhone. It's one of the best methods to access blocked sites on Apple devices. This app is legal, it's free to download and it will allow you to visit any site that is not allowed. Take into account that downloading this app will be risk-free because it's available on the official website and we've tested it in order to avoid harmful files like viruses or trojans.

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