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Hello, everyone! My name is Mrs. Fisher and I will be your teacher for the year. I’m so excited to meet everyone and can’t wait to get to know all of you. I hope to provide a classroom that is welcoming to all students and encourages learning and exploration. My goal is to find ways to motivate all students to see the value of learning, try their best and work hard to reach their full potential.

About me

This is my first year teaching 3rd grade. I graduated from the University of South Carolina Aiken. I have one child, a beautiful baby girl (Ellie), and four dogs (Rocky, Winnie, Miley, and Gidget). My favorite food is macaroni and cheese and I hate mushroooms! My favorite season is fall. When I’m not teaching I like being outdoors and going camping and hiking with my family.

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” 

― Malala Yousafzai

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