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Classroom management

In addition to school-wide rules, my classroom will have its own set of rules.

  1. Listen to the teacher at all times.

  2. Respect people and property.

  3. Come prepared to learn and try your best.

  4. Work quietly so you do not disturb others.

  5. Raise your hand if you have something to say.

My classroom will be managed using several different strategies to control my students. First, I will establish a clear understanding of what the rules are and what the consequences of not following the rules will be, and consistently stick to it. Second, I will use quiet or nonverbal cues to manage classroom disruptions by not trying to speak or yell over everyone and instead waiting until the students can be quiet to talk, or regaining classroom attention after an activity through the use of call and response “attention getters.”

Specialties I can offer:

Aside from teaching, I can also offer involvement in after school homework help and tutoring programs. In the classroom, I can offer interactive and hands on methods of teaching along. Having also earned a Bachelor’s in Communication, I feel that I am also able to not only communicate my message to all students in ways that they will understand (because not all students understand the same message the same way), but that I am also able to decode what they are communicating with me to better understand where confusion lies and how to clarify it.

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