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Welcome: Will it Sink or Float?

Description: Students will be split into four separate groups of five. Each group will have a worksheet that asks them whether or not they think each item will float or sink, and come up with a hypothesis about each object. Each member of each group will look up their assigned term and will be responsible for telling their team members what their word means and making sure everyone understands. They will then record on the worksheet whether their group’s hypothesis was true or not true for each item after conducting the experiment. There will be a clear tub of water and a few different items that will be put in the water. The items they will be dropping include a rubber duck, a magnet, a paper clip, an apple, and a paper weight.

Grade level: First grade

Class Size: 20 Students

Curriculum: Science

Standard: K.S.1A.3 With teacher guidance, conduct structured investigations to answer scientific questions, test predictions and develop explanations: (1) predict possible outcomes, (2) identify materials and follow procedures, (3) use appropriate tools or instruments to make qualitative observations and take nonstandard measurements, and (4) record and represent data in an appropriate form. Use appropriate safety procedures.

Keywords: float, sink, water, rubber duck, magnet, paper clip, apple, paper weight

Authors: Elise Bonner, Olivia Cannady, Caroline Dollard

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