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Little lunch scripts


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Diary of Mr Otto

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Morning: Snoozing on the bed.

Afternoon: Snoozing on the couch.

Evening: 6pm. Dinner time calls.

Night: Snuggled up in a ball in my owner’s lap.




Morning: Snoozing in the washing basket.

Afternoon: Snoozing on the couch.

Evening: 6pm. Dinner time calls. Gulping down my tin.

Night: Snuck out the back to explore and playfully jump at a moth.





Morning: Snoozing under the bed.

Afternoon: Snoozing on the couch.

Evening: Yum. Cheese. My treat.

Gobbled down with my tin.

Night: Energetic and inquisitive. Running crazily up and down the corridor.

Perhaps it is a full moon!

Mysterious and crazy side coming to life.




Morning: Snoozing on my owner’s face.

Afternoon: Discovered the perfect scratching post. Nice red couches. Perfect.

Evening: 6pm. News time. Tin time.

Night: Quickly snuck outside and discovered the catnip.

Feelings of such euphoria.

Owner struggles to get me inside, too much fun to be had playing in the catnip.




Morning: Snoozing on the couch.

Afternoon: Snoozing on the couch. Lazy lazy day.

Evening: Digging holes in the garden. New plants upturned to do my business.

Owner grumbling.

Tin time. Waiting at the door. Let me in. Hungry.

Night: Scratching on the red couch. Owner grumbling.

Itching to get outside again to play. Escape. The fun continues, finding lots of little beetles and flies.





Morning: Snoozing on my owner’s backpack. Sleep in today. Purr.

Escaped out the front door while owner sweeps up a pile of leaves. Finding my favourite spots in the front garden.

Hiding under the crepe myrtle.

Afternoon: Visitors. Feeling friendly. Brushing up against them. New smells.

What extra treats will come my way?

Creamy milk. Meow.

Sleep. Busy day.

Evening: 6pm. Tin time.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ready to play again.

Tickle time, scratched under my chin.


Night: Snoozing in my owner’s lap. Warm and content.





Morning: Snoozing at my owner’s feet.

Afternoon: Hiding in the garden. Sunshine. Fresh air. Dodging the sprinkler. Do not want my coat to get wet.

Evening: Fastidious groomer. Fur, velvety and soft. Licking until my heart is content.

6pm. Tin time. Any treats tonight?

Not tonight.

Night: Jump onto dining table. Sit and watch as my owner works.

Bored. Jump down and start walking on my owner’s laptop.

Shooed away. Find a quiet spot to snuggle on my owner’s bed.




Morning: Snoozing on the bed.

Snuck out the back door when my owner is about to go to work.

Owner tries to get me back inside. Must hide for a long time. Owner opens a new tin to get me inside.

Yum. Morning food treat. Bonus.

Afternoon: Snoozing on the red couch.

Waiting at the front door when my owner arrives home.

Evening: Sit at the window looking out at birds. Purr. Purr.

Tail wagging. Owner won’t let me outside.

6pm. Tin time.

Night: Feeling warm. Snuggled up on the lap of my owner.

Humans are the best company.





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