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Maths Learning 3/3/2020

Play the following game for 15 minutes

Complete the following problems in your maths book -


Click on the link, write the numbers in your book in expanded form.

Maths Centres: Access Group Day 1 – Week 5

Number Sentences & Worded Problem: 


54 + 26 =

73 – 12 =

98 – 43 =

123 + 35 =

267 – 59 =







Dana’s class and Maddie’s class went on a trip to the zoo. There were 54 children altogether. If there were 28 children in Dana’s class, how many children were in Maddie’s class?









If three students from Maddie’s class were away on the day of the trip, how does your answer change?




















Maths Centres: Access Group Day 2 – Week 5

Number Sentences & Worded Problem:  Worded Problems: 

1)      Sally has 48 books. Benny has 14 books. How many books do they have together? 







2)      There are 13 dogwood trees currently in the park. Park workers will plant 27 more dogwood trees today. How many dogwood trees will the park have when the workers are finished? 






3)      Sam found 45 seashells and Nancy found 43 seashells on the beach. How many seashells did they find together? 







4)      Mike went to 45 basketball games this year. He went to 33 games last year. How many basketball games did Mike go to in total? 







5)      Keith grew 39 carrots. Sandy grew 42 carrots. How many carrots did they grow in total?















Maths Centres: Access Group Day 3 – Week 5

Number Sentences & Worded Problem: 

1)      There are 46 pencils in the drawer. Mary took 17 pencils from the drawer. How many pencils are now in the drawer? 








2)      Benny has 43 Pokemon cards. Jessica bought 19 of Benny's Pokemon cards. How many Pokemon cards does Benny have now? 








3)      Joan's high school played 33 baseball games this year. She attended 18 games. How many baseball games did Joan miss?








4)      Keith had 31 quarters in his bank. He spent 16 of his quarters. How many quarters does he have no?








5)      There are 47 oak trees currently in the park. Park workers had to cut down 17 oak trees that were damaged. How many oak trees will be in the park when the workers are finished?








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