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LI: To understand how to count efficiently.


-I can identify numbers up to 100

-I can order numbers.

-I can organise my counting

-I can explain why I have chosen to count a certain way. 


Number talk- 100s chart PowerPoint


I do:

NOTE: Ensure you’ve assigned the Seesaw 2-digit or 3-digit task to students depending on ability


Watch: A recap of Place Value with Two Digit Numbers – Time 3.55




Watch: A great video explaining Place Value with Three-Digit Numbers –


Choose the video that you think is more suitable for your class. Or play the 2-digit video during this lesson and prioritise watching the 3-digit video during a lunch eating time.


Today you are going to show me everything that you know about 2-digit or 3-digit numbers.


You will use Seesaw to show different ways that you can represent 2-digit numbers or 3-digit numbers.


Display via the sample student option on the TV and explore the first page (an example) then model the second blank page creating your own number.

This is the 2-digit version:


Teacher to do:                                    

Model adding your voice to the slide you make. Record the number you’ve made and how many tens and ones. E.g. I have made the number 23. It has 2 tens and 3 ones.


To create the number being made students can roll 2 or 3 dice to create a 2 or 3-digit number OR just pick any numbers off a 100s chart if you have one that you can display in the class.



Model the duplicate function to show students how to make multiple hundreds, tens or ones.


Model and discuss how to record the number in expanded form. This is the first introduction of this taking place so will need some unpacking.

Create an anchor chart with some examples of this expanded form:




We do:

As you’ve modelled your own page allow for student comments or questions.

Ask students to contribute some expanded forms of the numbers to add to the anchor chart.

You do:

Students to independently complete the assigned Seesaw task.


Access: Work with a focus group on the 2-digit assigned task. Work on one number as a group. Possible number to make - 31. Have unifix blocks for the students to physically build their number prior to shading on the Seesaw template. Access has the same template as the Level group. Once students have worked to complete one together with the teacher they can independently make a slide for the number 37. Or choose numbers that will best suit your group.



Seesaw Template:




Seesaw Template:

Reflect and Share:

Select two students and share their work on the TV. Get the students to share the numbers created and the 4 ways it is represented.

Week 3 Warm Up -

Number Blocks -

Length video - Clickview -

Number Lines -

Click View - Tally Marks

Data/graphing video:

Counting by 10s -

Skip Counting by 10 clickview video -

Rounding Numbers -

Rounding Numbers Song for Blake -

Rounding Numbers:

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