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Literacy Shed-


BTN topics – Handwashing – why is handwashing important? 



Coronavirus – Should people be allowed to buy more than pack of toilet paper when visiting the supermarket? 


Newspaper Articles


Bullying facts


Topic Web -

One way to determine whether a topic will work for a persuasive essay is to create a ‘web of support’.

Record your position in the centre.

Bullying shouldn’t be tolerated in schools.

Brainstorm an ideas web for that issue. After brainstorming for ten minutes, put a star beside the top three or four ideas and number them 1,2,3 from strongest to weakest.

Research, research, research

The students have already brainstormed some support for their posi­tions. Now it's time for them to do any research they might need as supporting detail. They should find support to back up their opinions, which might include the following:

• Facts (e.g., Second-hand smoke affects everyone, not just smokers.)

• Statistics (e.g.1 Forty-two percent of people who die of lung cancer have never smoked a cigarette.)

  • Statements from authorities (e.g., Dr. T. 0. Bacco, a lung specialist at the General Hospital; says that smoking in restaurants is the main source of second-hand smoke.)

  • • General opinions (e.g., All non-smokers agree that cigarettes and food don't mix.)

    • Reasoning (e.g., If second-hand smoke can be bad for your health, imagine how much worse first-hand smoking must be.)

    • Examples or anecdotes (e.g., Recently at the Brown Derby1 only one table of smokers made dinner unpleasant for everyone.)

Try to include as many examples and types of evidence as possible. Encourage students to search outside the Internet. It's far more impres­sive to cite a book or a serious magazine than an anonymous or company Web site. (See Chapter 6 for information about teaching students to do research.)

Beating Bullying


Bullying Campaigner




Beating Bullies


Pobble Writing Prompts


Diary of Mr Otto

Brodie Ralli


Morning: Snoozing on the bed.

Afternoon: Snoozing on the couch.

Evening: 6pm. Dinner time calls.

Night: Snuggled up in a ball in my owner’s lap.




Morning: Snoozing in the washing basket.

Afternoon: Snoozing on the couch.

Evening: 6pm. Dinner time calls. Gulping down my tin.

Night: Snuck out the back to explore and playfully jump at a moth.





Morning: Snoozing under the bed.

Afternoon: Snoozing on the couch.

Evening: Yum. Cheese. My treat.

Gobbled down with my tin.

Night: Energetic and inquisitive. Running crazily up and down the corridor.

Perhaps it is a full moon!

Mysterious and crazy side coming to life.




Morning: Snoozing on my owner’s face.

Afternoon: Discovered the perfect scratching post. Nice red couches. Perfect.

Evening: 6pm. News time. Tin time.

Night: Quickly snuck outside and discovered the catnip.

Feelings of such euphoria.

Owner struggles to get me inside, too much fun to be had playing in the catnip.




Morning: Snoozing on the couch.

Afternoon: Snoozing on the couch. Lazy lazy day.

Evening: Digging holes in the garden. New plants upturned to do my business.

Owner grumbling.

Tin time. Waiting at the door. Let me in. Hungry.

Night: Scratching on the red couch. Owner grumbling.

Itching to get outside again to play. Escape. The fun continues, finding lots of little beetles and flies.





Morning: Snoozing on my owner’s backpack. Sleep in today. Purr.

Escaped out the front door while owner sweeps up a pile of leaves. Finding my favourite spots in the front garden.

Hiding under the crepe myrtle.

Afternoon: Visitors. Feeling friendly. Brushing up against them. New smells.

What extra treats will come my way?

Creamy milk. Meow.

Sleep. Busy day.

Evening: 6pm. Tin time.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ready to play again.

Tickle time, scratched under my chin.


Night: Snoozing in my owner’s lap. Warm and content.





Morning: Snoozing at my owner’s feet.

Afternoon: Hiding in the garden. Sunshine. Fresh air. Dodging the sprinkler. Do not want my coat to get wet.

Evening: Fastidious groomer. Fur, velvety and soft. Licking until my heart is content.

6pm. Tin time. Any treats tonight?

Not tonight.

Night: Jump onto dining table. Sit and watch as my owner works.

Bored. Jump down and start walking on my owner’s laptop.

Shooed away. Find a quiet spot to snuggle on my owner’s bed.




Morning: Snoozing on the bed.

Snuck out the back door when my owner is about to go to work.

Owner tries to get me back inside. Must hide for a long time. Owner opens a new tin to get me inside.

Yum. Morning food treat. Bonus.

Afternoon: Snoozing on the red couch.

Waiting at the front door when my owner arrives home.

Evening: Sit at the window looking out at birds. Purr. Purr.

Tail wagging. Owner won’t let me outside.

6pm. Tin time.

Night: Feeling warm. Snuggled up on the lap of my owner.

Humans are the best company.





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