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The idea of green tea pyramid bags has become very famous over the past few years. It has literally created a revolution in the world of tea. The main reason behind the pyramid green tea bags becoming so famous is the massive change in the lifestyle of human beings. Since people in the modern world have to follow a hectic schedule, they barely have any time for themselves. Not even enough to make themselves a proper cup of tea.

But in spite of the fact that green tea pyramid bags save a lot of time, there is still a group of people that aren’t very fond of pyramid teabags. This particular post is especially for those people. Through this post, we try to put forward some points that might help them understand why choosing pyramid green tea bags can be a great option. So, let’s have a look at some of the reasons.

1. With pyramid teabags you get more tea per bag

In the usual teabags there is a huge limitation. The limitation of space. In such a situation only dust-type and the small particles of tea can be packed in the bag. Also, the amount of tea found in such teabags are considerably less. However, when it comes to green tea pyramid bags, upto 4 grams of tea ca be packed in each bag which is considerably more than the regular tea bag.

2. With pyramid teabags carrying becomes easier

Another benefit is that pyramid green tea bags are easy to carry. In case of regular teabags it is seen that the teabags are more prone to getting damaged as they are made of paper. And if you wish to carry them around with you, you will need to have a separate box where you can store your regular teabags to protect them from getting damaged. On the other hand, pyramid teabags do not require you to carry any kind of separate box as it is made up of small mesh-like net that are quite durable in nature.

3. With pyramid teabags you get an instant and consistent brew

Since the pyramid teabags are made of small mesh-like net, they are more porous as compared to the regular teabags that are made of paper and cloth. This goes to prove that the tea will steep well and provide the best liquor. Being more porous also means that you get a faster brew that is more fresh as compared to the brew prepared by a regular tea bag.

4. With pyramid teabags you get amazing flavors

Sine pyramid teabags have more space in them, a lot of ingredients can be packed in it such as flowers, spices, bark, and more. This means that the additional elements added in the teabag makes it possible for the pyramid teabag to provide some amazing flavors. This enhances the overall experience of the person consuming the tea prepared from such a tea bag.

So these are some of the reasons why choosing a pyramid tea bag from Bagicha can prove to be a better choice than going with regular teabags.

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